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Overview of Our Services provides the service that enables the users to get the cashback on the purchases at hundreds of online stores in the form of the recharge. Using is simple and absolutely free. We only need your mobile number and email address to start providing the services. These Terms and Conditions have been created to ensure that you fully understand how and what you will be paid and also your rights and responsibilities. offers smart online shopping options. By choosing to use our website to avail the services, you hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
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At we only display the offers, coupons, and the deals from one online retailer partners. At we are not involved in any kind of direct sales of products or services. has been created only to list the coupons and offers and direct the users to the respective online stores. This makes us free from any liabilities or legal obligations during the purchase of the products or services at the retailer’s websites. This implies that is not responsible in any way or to be held accountable for the quality, safety, guarantee, warranty, or legality of the products or services.
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This section of our Terms of Services is invoked if there are any violations in the Terms and Conditions as stated here. Users are hereby prohibited from supplying/providing inauthentic/false personal information to exploit the offers from the retailers. In the event of the discovery of evidence of website tampering, use of automatic scripts, spidering, modification of URL, or email cloaking, your services will be terminated immediately without any prior notice.
Disclaimer and Liability will stand liable as mentioned in the Agreement. But shall be free of any other duty, obligation, or liability at all in the agreement or tort (including breach of statutory duty, negligence, or tort of any other kind) or otherwise. Myeasycoupon does not make any representation or does not vouch for the safety, quality, suitability, warranty, or legitimacy of the products and services offered on the retailer websites. Links/URLs to the online retailer’s websites are only provided to redirect you for shopping purposes. We are not responsible, in any way, for the products or services or the content on the retailer website linked to us or linked from us. The purchase experience at the retailer website falls under the purview of retailer’s terms and conditions.
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Third parties may provide us with the content and information whose links may be included on our web site. is not responsible for and shall not assume any liabilities for the mistakes made or opinions expressed on the third party website. We are also not responsible for any pornography, obscenity, defamation, and profanity on the third party websites.